Asus Transformer Book Trio gives you Windows 8 and Android OS in one

Attach this Android slate to its keyboard dock and it turns into a Windows 8 netbook – and its dock transforms into a full-fledged desktop PC
Asus Transformer Book Trio


Asus has just unveiled its Transformer Book Trio that combines a notebook, tablet and a desktop PC. But how can this 11.6in, 1080p slate with keyboard dock manage all that you ask? With dual Windows 8 and Android operating systems.

The Transformer Book Trio comprises an Android tablet – running Android Jelly Bean off a 2GHz Intel Atom chip and the built-in 64GB flash storage – and a keyboard dock. But this is no ordinary dock – it's  basically a PC in its own right, running Windows 8 on its 4th Gen Intel Core i7 Haswell processor.

Plug the tablet into the dock and it'll become a glorified monitor for the dock's Windows 8 PC – though the transition should be seamless, with the Trio remembering what website you're currently viewing and syncing data when switching between tablet and laptop modes. Asus says you should get 15 hours of battery life when the keyboard dock is attached.

And the desktop part? Because the Transformer Book Trio's keyboard dock is essentially a fully-fledged PC, you can plug it into a monitor and use it as a desktop PC.

Pricing and release date have yet to be announced – but expect it to be pretty pricey, since you're getting three devices in one.