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Amazon UK drone deliveries are finally going to happen. Here’s when

The retail giant plans to start using drones for Prime deliveries from the end of 2024.

Amazon delivery drone

Look to the skies for your future Amazon shopping. While we’re familiar with the top drones around, Amazon wants to start using the flying gadgets to deliver orders in the UK.

Shoppers in the US have already seen the tech being used to deliver boxes, and it looks like us Brits are up next with plans to start rolling out drone deliveries under the branding of Prime Air.

Amazon confirmed that it is planning to begin using drones to deliver packages in the UK from the end of 2024. That means next year’s Christmas presents might actually come down the chimney.

The retail giant will trial the flying deliveries in one “lightly populated and suburban” location at first, which will be revealed in the coming months. If things go well, the drones will slowly start to phase out to other areas.

Working closely with the Civil Aviation Authority, Amazon will ensure that Prime Air deliveries are safe and meet all safety regulations. The retail giant is already making drone deliveries in the US across two states so far.

How does Amazon’s Prime Air work?

When Prime Air becomes available, you’ll need to apply to use the service. This involves ensuring there’s plenty of open space for the drone to make the delivery. At the moment, Amazon then sends you a rather large QR code marker to place in your garden for the drone to see. But in the UK, the brand plans to use GPS to pinpoint the delivery location.

Once you place an order, Amazon’s warehouses will get to work to load the item on the drone. You can have any item weighing up to 5lbs (2.2kg) delivered via Prime Air. Sticking to the promise of ultra-fast delivery, the drone will then endeavour to deliver your parcel within 30 minutes. To deliver the package, Amazon’s drone will land on the marker and leave the item behind.

The entire drone delivery process is automated for customers. Although, you’ll still need to pick up your item from the delivery spot. Amazon’s drones for Prime Air are able to fly up to 12km, including in windy and rainy conditions. They pack plenty of sensors to avoid obstacles when flying and landing, so you don’t need to worry about your order winding up in a tree.

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