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5 of the best iPhone 4S accessories

Your new iPhone 4S is looking a bit lonely – something tells us it'll make fast friends with these

Sennheiser CX300 IIs £25

Some things never change – and lo and behold the earphones packed in with your iPhone 4S will be leaky and drown out absolutely zero noise from the outside world. So grab a pair of these CX300 IIs instead for deep bass and dramatic dynamics.

AmpliTube iRig £30

You may feel that a quick jam session is the only to adequately express your joy at the new iPhone 4S, in which case you’ll need this iRig to plug into your guitar – the accompanying app comes complete with classic amplifier and mic effects.

Proporta Turbocharger £30

Let’s face it, you are going to absolutely rinse that iPhone 4S battery on the first day – no matter how good it is. So keep the Proporta Turbocharger on hand to provide you with some Apple juice – it will charge your iPhone 4S fully a couple of times before it runs out itself.

B&W Zeppelin Air £500

B&W’s Zeppelin Air will stream your tunes from your iPhone 4S to the speaker via Apple’s Airplay tech – alternatively, sit it pretty if it needs charging. Trust us, they’ll look good together.

Moshi Moshi MM03i iPhone Dock £114

If you like to multitask without getting a serious crick in your neck, dock your iPhone 4S in this MM03i. It will charge your phone up while you wander around with the Bluetooth handset – the MM03i even works with up to two devices at the same time.

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