5 of the best art and design apps

With London Design Festival around the corner, it's time to get arty. Fixie bike optional

iDesign £2.99

Available for smaller iThings but best used on an iPad, this vector graphics app is great for designing all sorts, from technical diagrams to cartoons, icons, and all those Hed Kandi album covers. Because it’s vectored, edges will remain sharp regardless of how much scaling you do.

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Art of Glow £Free

You won’t end up with a masterpiece, but Art of Glow is an addictive little app. Select your brush and start painting colour-cycling psychedelia, fireworks and neon graffiti with your fingertips. If you’re feeling brave, it’s a great app to let the kids mess about with.

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BlockArt HD £1.99

Not a serious 3D rendering app, but a quick, simple and elegant way of building up 3D objects from lots of square blocks. It’s just a matter of choosing your colour, rotating your object and ‘painting’ your blocks directly on to the screen. We built a spaceship.

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Iro 69p

Let’s say you’re decorating a room or designing a corporate logo: feed Iro a photo containing colours which match the mood you’re after, and the app will pick out the tones in the photo, giving you codes to input into computer palettes or even paint mixers.

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Animation Creator HD £1.49

If you can draw, this is a great way to sketch out simple but professional-looking animations. If, like most people, you can’t, then you could always cobble together epic stickman kung-fu action scenes for an adoring YouTube public.

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