LG's two new Watches herald the arrival of Android Wear 2.0

Tooty-parp! The Watch Style and Watch Sport come with info-tastic sub-dials and Android Pay
01 March 2017 / 8:00GMT

Few people can pull off style and sport. You might leave the house in shiny runners and slick hair, but after just three minutes of running you’re a heaving bedraggle. No, best to separate the two, which is just what LG has done. Designed with the full collaboration of Google, for whom these are a showcase delivery mechanism for its Android Wear 2.0 OS, there’s a sporty one and a stylish one. The former gets a bigger 480x480-pixel screen, 4G, GPS, heart rate and NFC for Android Pay. But the latter looks better in a little black dress… and unlike many stylish things, is £100 cheaper at £249. Both are waterproof, in case you do get a sweat on.