This beautiful ticker is based on a jellyfish, looks sublimely sci-fi

Inspired by nature, hewn from titanium - like all the best things
14 March 2017 / 8:00GMT

Is it just us, or do watches not look enough like jellyfish nowadays? Oh, it is just us. Well, anyway, the good news is that serial maker of surreal watches MB&F is back at it - and the HM7 Aquapod might just be its maddest, prettiest ticker to date. Inspired by nature’s favourite glow-in-the-dark stinger, it’s capped by a sapphire glass dome - ringed by a floating ceramic bezel - that shows off the concentrically mounted mechanics to stunning effect. Its automatic winder totes tentacles hewn from titanium, while water resistance to 50m means it’s a real water baby, too. The price? Oh, about £80,000.