The Wall Luxury is a 292in modular MicroLED television that's beyond massive

13 June 2019 / 16:04BST

Perhaps taking the phrase 'bigger is better' a little too far, Samsung has unveiled The Wall Luxury, a whopping 292in modular MicroLED television that probably won't fit in your house. An upscaled version of the company's already massive 146in The Wall, the wonderfully excessive The Wall Luxury is available in a variety of sizes and ratios, ranging from a 73in 2K version to a gargantuan 292in 8K edition. Despite being longer than all the Subways you could ever possibly eat, The Wall Luxury is less than 30mm thin and uses a bezel-less design in combination with customisable decor frames to blend seamlessly with its surroundings. Those interested in making a ludicrous purchase will be able to grab The Wall Luxury when it launches in July, though you probably shouldn't run this one past your financial advisor.