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Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport is the ultimate fitness tracker for watch fans

A smaller case and heart rate tracking come to the new Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that can track your exercise, show you smartphone notifications and set timers, but prefer the style and feel of a traditional watch on your wrist, then the new Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport could be the hybrid smartwatch for you.

This new generation of T-Touch Connect Sport watch features a solar quartz movement and boasts impressive battery life that will have your Apple Watch wearing pals green with envy. In standard ‘watch’ mode, you’ll get infinite battery life, while you can expect a commendable 6 months in ‘standard connected’ mode. Battery life drops down to a, still pretty decent, 3 months in ‘sports connected’ mode.

This long battery life is achieved by having high-performance solar cells in the dial. These capture light and store energy in an accumulator.

The dial also features a pill-shaped AMOLED screen which shows you workout stats, smartphone notifications, incoming calls, and timers.

This mini display can be interacted with by swiping on the sapphire glass or by pressing the chono-style pushers.

The T-Touch Connect Sport is capable of tracking a number of different workouts, which users can select from the watch display. You’ll be able to choose activities such as running, hiking and cycling (to name a few).

Once chosen, you’ll get live stats to guide you along your workout. These include distance, speed, heart rate, and calorie consumption.

In-depth analysis…

When your workout is complete, you can get more in-depth stats by opening the companion app. This will give you a more complete analysis, with performance graphs and trends to help you track progress.

When not tracking sports, the display can notify you of incoming calls, notifications, timers, alarms, and reminders. Keeping you informed without needing to be glued to your phone 24/7.

Tissot’s companion app is compatible with Android, iOS and Harmony smartphones.

Perhaps what’s more impressive about the new T-Touch Connect Sport is the design. Tissot has managed to shrink the T-Touch from a beefy 47mm down to a more unisex 43mm.

It’s a very sporty watch design, with a ceramic bezel and brushed case, but most people wouldn’t know about its intelligent core just by looking at it.

The T-Touch Connect Sport is available in six different bezel, case and strap combinations (pictured above) and is priced from £950.

The new T-Touch Connect Sport will be available in the UK from March 2024.

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