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The Teenage Engineering EP-133 pocket operator packs a punch

The EP-133 is one part synthesiser, one part sampler, and all parts effortlessly cool

Teenage Engineering EP-133 hot stuff lead

Teenage Engineering’s line of portable synths and sequencers have long been pleasing professional music makers, amateur beat crafters, and anyone who just likes pushing buttons and twizzling knobs. The entry-level PO-33 KO! did just that for very little cash, and now the sequel has arrived with even more functions to fiddle with.

Instead of reusing the PO-33 K.O!’s design, which could easily have been inspired by a scientific calculator, the EP-133 K.O. II is a much more grown-up gadget. It’s got the same 80s chic styling as the firm’s other gadgets, including the OP-1 Field portable synth, and is covered with a multitude of pressure-sensitive buttons, knobs and faders. There’s also a multi-segment LCD display to differentiate between sequencing, sampling and composing.

It’s filled with drum, bass and keys samples, and you can record your own in stereo or mono using the built-in microphone, then tweak pitch or apply filters on the fly.

There’s enough on-board memory (64MB, to be precise) to handle nine separate projects, each with 80,000 notes. That breaks down into four groups per project, each with 99 patterns; those 99 patterns have 12 tracks for samples and midi inputs, and can vary in length from 1 to 99 bars. There’s 999 slots for different samples, too. Which should be plenty to pump out a sick beat or two.

It’s not short on connectivity, with midi in and out, sync in and out, audio in and out and a USB-C port for mains power, should you manage to drain the four AA batteries that usually power it. There’s also a built-in speaker for playing back beats without needing your headphones.

Teenage Engineering isn’t exactly known as a value brand, but the EP-133 KO II bucks that trend a bit. It goes on sale later this month in the UK for £299, from retailers including Andertons Music.

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