Turn to the dark side with Lego’s Darth Vader Helmet and Imperial Probe Droid

Lego is your master now
25 March 2021 / 13:00GMT

Reckon visitors to your house need intimidating? Want to get in touch with your dark side? Then you need the latest entry in Lego’s Helmets collection, Darth Vader Helmet (£59.99). From 834 plastic bricks, the set captures the sinister menace of one of moviedom’s greatest villains – yet fortunately has no arms to Force choke you if you put some pieces in the wrong place. Not enough dark side for you? There’s also Scout Trooper Helmet (£44.99), paying homage to the Empire’s eleven-time winners of the ‘Most Likely to Smash Into a Tree’ award. And if you instead fancy something that looks less like an angry Jedi has lopped someone’s head off and stuck it on a stake, Imperial Probe Droid (£59.99) has been immortalised in Lego bricks. The droid’s distinctive form hovers over a buildable snowy scene by way of a transparent pole. Just don’t let it near anything you’re trying to hide, or you’ll have a bunch of stompy AT-ATs on your doorstep in no time.

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