Lego’s Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone will immortalise the spiky hedgehog’s world in plastic bricks

Ring it
04 February 2021 / 14:57GMT

No-one’s really made it until they have their own Lego minifig. Sega mascot Sonic the Hedgehog received that honour long ago, albeit as part of a Lego Dimensions level pack. That’s now set to change with Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone (£TBA, available 2021). Having amassed 10,000 votes on fan design website Lego Ideas, the set’s now headed into the product development stage. The finished article will likely be available later this year – which happens to coincide with Sonic’s 30th anniversary. The set itself is subject to change over the concept art, but should include the titular protagonist, arch foe Dr Eggman, and other characters and environments inspired by the iconic Green Hill Zone level. Being minifig scale will also give the set a one-up over the oddball Lego Super Mario, with his dead eyes and chunky form factor. Now all we need is a Lego Mega Drive, akin to the Lego NES, to sit next to the upcoming Sonic set. How about it, Lego and Sega? Lega? Sego? 

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