Tooyn is a wireless charger for Apple devices combined with a USB-C hub for… other Apple devices

It’s Tooyn time
13 June 2019 / 9:00BST

Gadget makers are on a mission to eradicate all the other gadgets from your life. The latest entrant is Tooyn (from $59), which answers the question: what if I could hurl my chargers and hubs into the heart of the sun, and yet still use all my Apple kit? Which all means you essentially get a USB-C hub (USB-C port; 2x USB-A; 4K HDMI; SD; mini-SD) for port-deprived modern Apple notebooks, and a smooth wireless charging surface on which to plonk thirsty Apple mobile hardware, like your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. Go for the Ultra edition ($79) and you’ll even be able to charge your notebook while being all smug at your newfound minimalist set-up.

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