Samsung's new 'do-it-all' M7 Smart Monitor is all work and all play

Work hard, play hard
16 November 2020 / 12:55GMT

Samsung has launched a 'do-it-all' smart monitor called the M7 that can take on the guise of a productivity powerhouse, entertainment machine, and everything in between. The company claims the multi-talented display has been designed to meet the fluctuating needs of stay-at-home workers, who might want to saunter through a spreadsheet before flicking over to Netflix when it's time to clock off. As such, it features plenty of connectivity options in the form of HDMI 2.0. and USB-C ports, Tap View phone casting, and AirPlay 2, but is also capable of running Microsoft Office 365 applications without a PC thanks to embedded WiFi, allowing users to view, edit, and save documents directly from the cloud. When the working day is done, Samsung's in-built Smart Hub grants easy access to entertainment apps like Netflix, HBO, and YouTube (again, no PC or smartphone connection required), all of which can be leafed through using the bundled remote control. When it launches in the States in November, the M7 will be available in an Ultra-High Definition 32in model, and Full HD 27in variant. Unfortunately, there's no word on pricing just yet - but we know it'll be heading to other markets soon. 

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