HP’s all-in-one PCs go 4K and furry

New Pavilion desktops sprout speaker fuzz and 4K screens
26 July 2017 / 13:00BST

Felts and fabrics used to be the preserve of tailors and upholsterers but if you want anyone to take your tech seriously these days, you need to swathe it in some sort of fuzz. The strokable panel under the 4K touchscreen on HP’s latest 24in and 27in all-in-ones covers B&O-tuned speakers, while up to 16GB of RAM and Intel’s latest 7th gen processors should mean it purrs like a cat locked in a dairy. Its webcam’s retractable, so if you’ve been listening to Edward Snowden and you don’t want any spies seeing you stroking your new PC, make sure it’s tucked away when you’re not using it, eh?

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