Asus’ Tinker Board is here and it wants a slice of Pi

It’s fruitier than a raspberry, too, with 4K video
29 June 2017 / 10:08BST

As if computers didn’t already command enough of our attention, they’re on the cusp of a second coming. Smaller, simpler and easier to fiddle with, these micro-boards mean interested sorts can bodge together mini-PCs for all kinds of things. Thought a Raspberry Pi was your only option? Asus begs to differ: its Tinker Board - launching today for £55 - packs a pretty punch, with a quad core 1.8GHz CPU and 2GB RAM. That’s pretty much twice as powerful as the Pi 3 Model B. And if it’s a media centre you want to make, the 4K-ready HDMI port and speedy on-board Wi-Fi should make for one nifty streamer.

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