XZ1 Compact? More like Sony, I shrunk the Xperia

Pocket-friendly phone still has specs that stay (mostly) the same
31 August 2017 / 12:27BST

The XZ1 Compact is what happens when Sony follows the same recipe as the XZ1, only uses two thirds of the ingredients. You get the same flagship phone, only now it won’t bulge out of your trouser pockets. Don’t let that 4.6in, 720p HD screen fool you: it might have ditched HDR video support but there’s still a Snapdragon 835 CPU, 4GB of RAM and a 19MP camera underneath, ready to shoot slo-mo video at speeds that could make a hummingbird’s wings look positively sloth-like. The front-facing selfie cam has a wide-angle lens, too - for fitting more of your mates in the frame at once. If you're fed up of top-spec Android phones being too huge to handle, this could be the antidote. It'll be on sale in September alongside the regular XZ1, although prices are still TBC.