Logitech’s iPhone-friendly wireless charging stand is perfect for Netflix

Time to get horizontal
07 August 2018 / 13:30BST

Sure, you *could* watch the first episode of Better Call Saul season four on the train home from work tonight, but you’re probably going to have to hold your phone, and it will probably be on 17 percent battery because you forgot to charge the stupid thing again. Neither of these issues will affect future you, though, because pretty soon you’ll be able to pick up this wireless charging stand, a collaboration between Logitech and Apple. It’ll technically work with any Qi-supported device, but it was created with iPhones in mind, and there’s something distinctly Apple about the design. What’s great about the 7.5W charger is that the rubber cradle will hold your phone both vertically and horizontally, so it’s perfect for watching TV and movies on the go or at the dinner table. You can pick one up for £69.99 later this month.