The Jelly 2 is a credit card sized Android smartphone with 4G support

Think small
22 July 2020 / 14:16BST

Once upon a time, tech companies were obsessed with shrinking down mobile phones. Of course, that was back when designers were trying to leave the age of the brick behind, and way before the likes of Apple and co. were slapping quad-cameras and huge touchscreen displays on handsets. Now, Unihertz is looking to blend those two realities together with the Jelly 2 ($199), a preposterously tiny smartphone with modern sensibilities. The miniature handset is only the size of a credit card, but still features 4G support, a 3.0in touchscreen, an 8MP selfie camera, a 16MP main camera, a 2000mAh battery and NFC functionality for cardlless payments. Being an Android 10 device also means access to the Google Play Store and those classic apps like Facebook, Google Maps, YouTube, and everybody's favourite, Linkedin. Heck, Unihertz has even made room for a Dual SIM and MicroSD card slot. We can only assume they used some kind of TARDIS tech.