Crosscall’s Trekker-X3 is an unbreakable phone with off-road aspirations

You know it’s tough when you need an Allen key to put the SIM in
20 February 2017 / 8:00GMT

Need a phone for your Mont Blanc climb? You could stick a cheap Android slab in a tough case - or, you could shell out €550 on the Trekker X3, a tougher-than-tough 5in phone that’s built for the outdoors. Throw it anywhere cold, hard or wet and it’ll happily bounce back, thanks to a TPU-wrapped body built around a metal plate. In fact, it’ll keep out chlorinated water, dust, dirt, oil and more - and you can use the screen with gloves on. Sure, it’s as thick as two iPhones, but you wouldn’t want your tough phone to feel flimsy, would you?