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The PDP Cloud Remote controls your PS4 and TV

For watching Blu-rays without the DualShock controller

Of course, you can navigate menus with the PS4’s DualShock controller like a pro, but some people may need a little extra help. For them – and for when you want a change of pace from a sweaty DualShock – there’s the new PDP Cloud Remote. It lets you control the PS4’s media skills like Blu-ray discs and Netflix without using a games controller. And unlike its predecessor, it handles your telly’s volume, power and input too. The PDP Cloud Remote app will detect your make and model of TV to make sure it plays nice. Sony is even chucking in a free 30-day trial of its PlayStation Vue streaming service with every purchase. The bad news? UK availability is yet to be announced. But in the US, it costs just $30 (about £25) and ships in September.