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Mercedes’ electric G-Class has finally arrived with a 116 kWh battery

The electric Mercedes G-Class has finally arrived, just before its 2024 deadline – it's an electric off-roader with impressive specs

Electric G-Class

With automakers slowly releasing full electric line-ups, you’ve got more choice of electric vehicles than ever. But the category with some of the fewest electric options has to be off-roading vehicles. Mercedes latest release is one for you, if you prefer to put your tyres on dirt and gravel instead of tarmac. It’s the electric G-Class, which has finally arrived before its 2024 deadline.

The electric G-Class if more formally known as the Mercedes-Benz G-Class 580 with EQ Technology. We’ll refer to it as the EQG, as that’s much less of a mouthful. You’ll probably call it the electric G-Wagon. It takes the rich (and often mud-splattered) heritage of its gasoline forebears, and electrifies things for you to take off-road. It packs a beastly 116 kWh lithium-ion battery, which is geared up to traverse up to 473km (294 miles) on a single charge. Real-world driving will probably say otherwise – with a realistic range typically a few miles shorter.

Underneath its classically boxy exterior lies a heart of green – four electric motors pumping out a whopping 432 kW of power. That’s about 580 horsepower for the rest of us, and a torque of 1,164 Nm. That’s pretty quick, capable of zapping from 0 to 100 km/h (60 mph) in 4.7 seconds. And with the electric G-Class, Mercedes has crammed in some extra features. This vehicle can perform a 360º turn – dubbed the G-Turn – which is perfect for those tight spots not typically found in urban jungles. There’s also an intelligent three-speed off-road crawl function, ensuring you maintain decorum and speed while climbing your local shopping centre’s parking ramps.

As for the looks, the EQG maintains its rugged charm with illuminated accents and an optional blacked-out grille. Inside, it’s an ergonomic dream with a familiar layout, bolstered by carbon fibre accents, physical buttons. We’re big fans of this because touchscreens in bumpy rides are a no-go, and we’ve missed buttons in lots of the EVs that we’ve tasted. You will, of course, still find the staple 12.3-inch digital display featuring the revered MBUX music system.

As you’d expect from a G-Class, this off-roading luxury doesn’t come cheap – especially now that things are electric. The EQG starts from £122500/€142600/$152200, with the swankier First Edition trim going for £165500/€192500/$205500. It’s a premium over the gas models, but the extra features may tide you over. Expect it to be available towards the end of this year globally, although the Edition One trim will grace US shores exclusively.

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