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This super smart doorbell doesn’t require a monthly subscription

Imou's DB60 doorbell still manages to pack in 5MP resolution, a built-in spotlight, AI human detection and two-way audio

Imou DB60 Smart Doorbell

If you’re looking for a place to start with your smart home, a smart doorbell is usually the way to go. It helps you to easily keep an eye on your gaff, what’s outside, and who’s at the door. But these days, many require you to shell out for a monthly subscription on top of buying the gadget. Not this one, though. Imou’s DB60 smart doorbell doesn’t need a subscription, and still packs plenty of solid specs you’d expect from your clever door knocker.

Imou’s smart doorbell doesn’t need any of those pesky wires to work its magic. It’s all about that sweet, sweet battery power. It reckons it can squeeze out a six-month life span without any maintenance thanks to a hefty 6200mAh rechargeable battery. And with an IP65 weatherproof rating, it laughs in the face of nasty weather. With its 5MP live monitoring, 164° fisheye lens, and night vision, the DB60 ensures you won’t miss a thing, including from the postie trying to sneakily drop off a “Sorry we missed you” card.

The two-way talk and quick response features let you talk to visitors without actually having to, you know, interact with them. Just use your phone to instruct where to safely stash your parcel. And with AI human detection, you won’t be alerted every time a leaf blows past your door. And for the data hoarders out there, you can save your recordings locally on an SD card, NVR, or up in the cloud for that extra peace of mind. If you do need extra storage in the cloud and don’t mind paying a subscription fee, the £2.50 Imou Protect plan means you can save all those juicy doorbell clips in the cloud for up to 30 days. Ever wanted to reminisce about that time a fox stole your flip-flop? Now you can.

With end-to-end encryption, any nosy neighbours won’t be able to hack into your personal doorbell reality show. The DB60 also comes with the Imou DS21 chime, ensuring you’ll hear the bell’s melodious ring throughout your gaff. And with Wi-Fi connectivity that doubles as a range extender, you’re guaranteed a stable connection, ensuring your doorbell is always on the lookout. Setting up the DB60 is a doddle. Download the IMOU Life app, scan the QR code on the doorbell, and you’re sorted. Plus, it plays nice with Amazon Echo Show and Google Home.

Fancy strapping this smart doorbell to your front door? The IMOU DB60 is available for the steal of a price at just £139, chime included. It’s available to order from Currys or Safe.

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