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This iGulu automated countertop brewing system is my next kitchen purchase

iGulu's latest brewer not only lets you prepare fresh pints from the comfort of your own kitchen, but a slate of other drinks as well

iGulu F1 Automated Brewer

If you’re anything like me, there are few things better than sinking a frosty pint. Brewing your own beer has always been something left to the avid fans – perhaps the ones that don’t get out that much. But this automated brewing system from iGulu sits on your countertop and makes it really easy. And once it’s ready, the F1 machine will pull you a pint worthy of your local pub. It’s definitely going to be my next kitchen gadget purchase.

Straight out of a beer lover’s daydream, the iGulu F1 is a fully automated home brewing system that looks like it belongs in the future. It comes with all the bells and whistles, including a smart interactive touchscreen and app control that turns brewing into child’s play. The best part is that you don’t need to be a brewing maestro to use the iGulu F1. It’s designed for anyone who loves a pint, but might not know their hops from their barley. With support for a cornucopia of ingredients and flavours, you can go wild. The app guides you through adding all the ingredients to the machine, and then does the brewing for you. The machine has a handy countdown timer so you don’t open your batch too early. Fancy a Bavarian Wheat today and an Amber Lager tomorrow? iGulu says, “Hold my beer” – literally. It can also handle brewing up cider, wine, kombucha, and more.

The iGulu F1 is a triple threat with its fermentation, refrigeration, and dispensing functions. It’s got advanced sensors that keep an eye on the brewing process like a hawk, ensuring your brew is just right. And for those who fear the explosion of DIY brewing attempts, fear not. This machine manages fermentation pressure with the kind of precision that would make a Swiss watch blush. Too much pressure? It’ll sort itself out, no drama. RFID technology lets you start brewing without a single touch. And when your brew is ready, the iGulu F1 promises smooth dispensing that would make even the most seasoned barkeep nod in approval.

As for keeping the planet green while you enjoy your brews, the iGulu F1 is on it. The machine uses eco-friendly materials and has a design that makes maintenance a breeze. Plus, its CO2 gas cylinder tank means your beer stays fresh and fizzy for up to 30 days. It’s rather handy for those of us who forget about the beer we started brewing four weekends ago. Which may or may not be something that I would do.

Ready to dive into home brewing without actually having to dive into anything? The iGulu F1 is up for grabs in Black, Creamy White, and Mint Green for a frosty $749/£555. Head over to the iGulu website to snag yours and start brewing. And who knows? You might just become the microbrewery mogul of your neighborhood.

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