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Stuff’s pick of the best new kitchen tech to spruce up your dishes

Everything you need to prep, cook, and clean in the most important room in the house


Obsessed with sous vide? Fixated on reverse searing? If you’re keen to stay ahead of the culinary curve, then you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up some of the best kitchen tech available (which, we might add, might pair nicely with some of the best smart lights around).

From fridge air purifiers, to nifty portable blenders, and even home beer brewers, there’s something below for obsessive foodies, busy parents, or anyone who simply wishes to up their game.

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Not-so-fun fact: the UK produces the largest amount of kitchen waste in Europe, with the average household spending £470 annually on food that ends up in the bin. Enter Shelfy — a fridge gadget that promises to extend the life of your food by as much as 12 days, while reducing bacteria and eliminating odours in the process.

It’s pretty low-maintenance, with a filter that never needs replacing and a battery that should last three weeks between USB-C charges. Those with a penchant for stats can also use the Vitesy Hub app to gobble up insights into fridge usage and food storage tips, and it’s compatible with Google Home and Alexa… although you may find that broccoli won’t respond to voice commands. £129 / vitesy.com 

Ninja Blast


Battles over kitchen worktop space have been known to provoke full-scale wars… so if you’re after a new blender, it’s worth considering a cordless type that can be tucked away anywhere and recharged via USB-C. The Blast meets that brief, and will make 15 smoothies between charges.

B!pod Starter Pack

Harnessing the power of pro vacuum-packing tech, this kit comprises a small air-slurping device and three reusable containers, letting you seal food for ultra-long-term freshness. It claims to remove up to 95% of the oxygen from each container in just 30 seconds

Smeg Minipro

A coffee machine’s appearance is secondary to the quality of the liquid goodness it serves up, but there’s certainly something to be said for one that looks as beautiful as this. The Minipro blends retrofuturistic industrial finesse with all the wizardry required to make cafe-quality coffee, complete with steam wand and circular LCD display.

Allday Goods Forged Santoku


Proper sweaty chefs will appreciate the frightening beauty of this knife. Forged in Somerset, it consists of a high-carbon 52100 British steel blade that makes light work of slicing, dicing and mincing, with a recycled plastic handle that makes each one unique.

Pooky Isabella

Poorly placed lighting will let down even the sexiest modern kitchen/diner. And while your ambitions for an array of elegant designer lamps are great, the hassle of wiring them in (or hiring an electrician) is not. Enter Pooky’s lights, each with a USB-recharged cartridge for up to 15hrs of use.

Ooni Koda 2 Max

best kitchen tech ooni

Do you dream of wowing hungry guests with gigantic slabs of deliciously authentic pizza? With its cavernous 24in cooking area, this gas-powered beast will let you fulfil your destiny. Of course, you can also cook two smaller pizzas at once, thanks to two separately controlled cooking zones.

iGulu F1

best kitchen tech igulu

The iGulu F1 is an all-in-one home beer machine that simplifies the brewing process. It lets home-brewers create hoppy IPAs, spanky citrus-infused brews and even kombucha with just a few clicks. Compact for the countertop, it handles brewing, fermenting and kegging duties with a 5L tank capacity.

Tefal X-Force Flex 15.60

‘X-Force’ sounds like the name of a ’90s infomercial ab cruncher; but with powerful suction and an efficient all-floors brush, rogue cake crumbs (plus general dust and pet hair) will cower at the approach of this Tefal vac. The fact that it’s cordless means you can also whip it out when you’ve been eating crisps in the car.

Yeti Roadie 32

 best kitchen tech yeti

Want to take the kitchen with you? You could probably cart around 50 cans or 16kg of ice in a pillowcase, which would be a far cheaper solution than this cooler. And yet, instinct suggests that Yeti’s option is better suited to the task. Perhaps it’s the durable construction, Permafrost insulation and rugged wheels?

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