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I’ve been brewing my own beer with this iGulu machine and won’t stop

This iGulu machine lets you brew kegs of beer at home, and then serve it up. It started as an experiment, but I'm going to keep making beer

Is there anything better than a nice frosty beer? Sinking a cool pint on a warm day is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I’ll head down to the pub for a pint, and the fridge is always stocked. But I’ve never made my own. Unless you count pulling pints in the local when I was 16.

So you can imagine the pleasure I had when one of my latest kitchen gadget tests was a beer brewing system. Getting paid to drink beer? That I made? Oh, yes. I got my hands on the iGulu F1, a home brewer that promises to turn your kitchen counter into a microbrewery. Without other people. Winner. And let me tell you, this bit of kit is more than just a pretty face – it might actually be worth its hefty price tag. What started as an experiment might have turned into a regular for me.

How does the iGulu F1 work?

Unboxing the iGulu F1 was like Christmas morning. Just with more beer involved instead of Bucks Fizz. My brewer came in the Creamy White option, which looks pretty good. It also comes in Black or Mint Green. Setting it up seemed like a daunting task, with pipes and components everywhere. But actually, it was straightforward enough, and the interactive touchscreen came in handy once everything was put together. It felt more like using a bit of tech than some beer making machine. Now, I’ll be honest – my brewing experience is pretty limited. You could say none, and you’d be correct. Despite this, I found the iGulu F1 incredibly easy to use.

The pre-portioned ingredient kits and RFID-enabled brewing processes simplify the steps, making it almost foolproof. However, the instructions could definitely use some work. They were a bit unclear in places, especially when you’ve got all the different parts laid out in front of you. And understanding what was going on with the keg took a hot second. I had some minor setup issues with the companion app, but got there in the end. But once I got past those hiccups, the overall experience was positive.

The first thing that struck me was the sheer ease of use. iGulu has nailed the automation aspect. You get to choose from various ingredient kits – I went with the Amber Lager first, as that seemed like the easiest in my mind – and the machine takes care of the rest. The app guides you through adding all the ingredients to the machine, and then does the brewing for you. From fermentation to refrigeration and finally dispensing, the iGulu F1 does it all.

Throughout the fermentation process, the iGulu F1 manages the pressure to a tee – so things don’t get explosive. Too much pressure? It’ll sort itself out, no drama. The machine also has a handy countdown timer so you don’t open your batch too early. You can literally sit back with a pint while it does the heavy lifting. And I did. Many times. Since brewing takes a week or longer.

Throughout the brewing process, the mobile app was my lifeline to the beer. iGulu’s app is intuitive and allows for real-time monitoring and adjustments. It even uses PiD technology to control fermentation temperature and suppress unwanted fusel alcohols, ensuring your brew is top-notch.

More importantly, how did the beer taste?

iGulu F1 Feature

My first batch of Amber Lager was ready in just over a week, and the outcome was impressive. The beer was pretty tasty, tasting like any pint you’d be served at your local pub – not something I’d brewed in my kitchen. The iGulu F1’s advanced sensors ensure that the fermentation temperature stays within the optimal range (2˚-30˚C), which I’m told is crucial for brewing quality beer. It also means your pint will come out cold, which I did doubt when I first saw the machine.

The flavour was rich, the carbonation was spot on. In case you don’t want to drink the entire keg in one go (which is probably wise), the F1 keeps your beer fresh for up to 30 days thanks to its preservation tech. Though if you’re anything like me, it won’t last that long. A dual pneumatic gas engine and specific tap handler make pouring a pint easy – there’s no faffing about with this machine.

For those who like to dabble in other beverages, the iGulu F1 isn’t just for beer. It supports cider, wine, and even kombucha. I haven’t ventured into those territories yet, but it’s nice to know the option is there. However, let’s address the elephant in the room: the price. At $749/£555, it’s not exactly an impulse buy. If you work out how many pints you could buy for that much – the maths probably doesn’t work out.

However, I’d have to argue that it’s worth it. The iGulu F1 is an impressive piece of kit that lives up to its promises. It’s almost like having a professional brewer on your counter-top, without the need for a degree in fermentation science. The instructions and manual could definitely be improved for clarity, but the smart brewer’s convenience and safety features make it easy enough to use. I managed to do it, and I must admit I had my doubts at first. What started as an experiment has now convinced me to keep going with brewing my own beer. Cheers to that.

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