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I think this is the best Apple Watch charger ever – here’s why

The best part? It's not even a charger. This Nomad charging brick can juice up your Apple Watch as well as letting you plug in a cable

Nomad Apple Watch Charging Brick

Chargers aren’t the sexiest accessory, let’s be honest. But they’re a necessity for keeping the best smartphones and your other gadgets juiced up. And Nomad has just released what I think is the best Apple Watch charger ever. And it’s not even a charger!

As you might have noticed, this accessory is actually a charging brick rather than your typical charger. That is, this is just the part that plugs into the wall. It comes equipped with two USB-C ports. The top port can dish out 65W if you’re only using one port, or it’ll split to 45W and 20W. But the best part is the built-in Apple Watch charging puck, perched right on top, ready to juice up your watch at maximum speed. I think it’s the best Apple Watch charger I’ve seen, especially if you just use the cable rather than a stand!

This charger uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, making it smaller than you’d expect yet just as mighty. It’s slightly chunkier than Apple’s own chargers, but beats the comparable 61W Apple charger in terms of portability. Plus, those foldable prongs? Absolute game changer for tossing it in a bag without worrying about it snagging on everything.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: this design favours wall outlets, where the Apple Watch charger sits conveniently at the top. But don’t fret if you’ve got a tabletop charger – Nomad reckons the magnetic puck works just as well on its side. You’ll need to bring your own USB-C cables, because Nomad doesn’t include any with the adapter. For travellers or those constantly on the move between home and office, this charger is a godsend. It’s more compact than many travel charging options and versatile enough to fast charge an iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Unfortunately, this kind of convenience and design doesn’t come cheap. At $100/£100, it’s a hefty price for a dual-port USB-C charging brick capped at 65W. But think of it as a new Apple Watch charger, and it might just be worth the splurge. It’s certainly the next Apple Watch charger I’m going to buy. You can order it directly from Nomad.

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