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I’ve organised my Apple Watch straps with this top accessory

Twelve South's TimePorter offers a wall-mounted storage solution for your Apple Watch straps, that's also rather stylish.

TimePorter installed on cupboard door

For as long as I’ve had an Apple Watch, I’ve had a selection of straps to pick from. And as I’ve upgraded the smartwatch model, the collection of straps I’ve got began to grow – since they’re all compatible with future models. Until now, I’ve had them all stuffed into a drawer on my bedside table. It’s by far not the most elegant solution, but it’s worked. Until this accessory from Twelve South hit the scene.

TimePorter Wall Mounted is an organiser for your Apple Watch straps that you have on your wall, and it’s exactly what someone that’s got a decent collection of them needs. It not only lets you store them, but looks rather sleek while doing so. So I’ve had the TimePorter organising my Apple Watch straps ever since it hit the shelves.

Easy storage for your Apple Watch straps

TwelveSouth’s TimePorter is a glossy white wall-mounted storage solution for people with multiple Apple Watch straps. You can click up to six different bands into the organiser, to lay out your collection in one place. If you’ve got even more straps kicking about, you can connect a bunch of the organisers together for a larger storage option. That’s what I had to do. There are about 10 straps kicking about in my draw, so I needed to double up on the organisers.

Installing the organiser is a piece of cake – you simply need to use the included sticky Command strips. I stuck them both to the inside of one of my wardrobe doors. It’s got a bunch of other accessories in, so makes sense from an organisation point of view. It also lets me see them clearly laid out, while avoiding clutter in your room.

It works by using a rail at the top – similar to the strap mechanism on your Apple Watch. It’s compatible with any strap you might have, regardless of brand or size. You can slide the bands in and out of the TimePorter as and when you need them. I’ve found that it’s actually easier to lay out both parts of the strap next to each other, rather than attaching them. It means I can only store about 3 straps per TimePorter, but it works better for me. If I had a bigger wardrobe door, I’d be able to click on another TimePorter to store them all (since one’s always on my wrist).

With the TimePorter now holding on to my Apple Watch straps, there’s no other way that I’d want to try an organise them. Twelve South’s TimePorter organiser is available to order directly from the brand, and will set you back $30/£30. It’s cheaper than buying a watch strap straight from Apple, and is a must-have for any organisation lovers.

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