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House of Marley packs big sound in sustainable Get Together 2 speakers

Small, mighty, and sustainable.

With a huge selection of speakers to choose from, House of Marley has positioned itself as the eco-friendly option in the market. Offering big sound in a sustainable package, the brand’s speakers have proven popular. And the latest speaker on the block is the Get Together 2 – a follow-up to last year’s Get Together.

House of Marley’s Get Together 2 speakers are available in three sizes: the standard, the XL, and the Mini. The standard option offers warm, precise sound in the mid-size speaker, the Mini focuses on balanced sound in a smaller form-factor, and the XL focuses on delivering the highest-quality audio.

All three speakers are crafted in-line with House of Marley’s signature wooden style. Looking face-on at the speakers, you’ll see the bulk of the device made from natural bamboo wood. There’s eco-friendly fabric covering the front-facing drivers, and all other silicone and metal is sustainably sourced. The wood offers a stylish design for the Bluetooth speaker, one that’s certain to stand out. And not to mention, when it pitches up at your door, it’ll be in completely recyclable material. House of Marley is going big on sustainability.

The standard Get Together 2 packs 40 watts of power into the 33.4cm x 11.7cm x 10.3cm speaker. It’s about as long as two flagship smartphones, so is still portable even in the larger size. House of Marley reckons you’ll get about 20 hours of listening time out of the speaker, but that’ll vary on how you use it. The speaker is IP65 water-resistant, offers 30 metres of range, built-in EQ options, and support for multi-pairing.

Going down to the Get Together 2 Mini, you’ll find a slimmed down version of the standard offering – it’s all about compactability. The speaker offers the same 30 metre range and EQ options. Rather than four drivers, you’ll find two; and the battery life is a little shorter at 15 hours. But, this speaker has better IP67 water resistance; just what you want from the more portable option. There’s also a microphone and speakerphone thrown in for good measure.

Looking at the XL, you’ll find the best specs out of the three speakers – this one’s about the best experience. Most of the features are similar to those of the standard, just better. It packs 60 watts of power for bigger sound, will last for longer at 20 hours, and is larger with bigger drivers inside. Water resistance, connectivity, and the EQ features are the same as the standard.

If you’re looking to pick up one of House of Marley’s new green-thumbed speakers, they’re available to order online. The standard Get Together 2 goes for £250, the XL is £400, and the Mini comes in lower at £150. If you’re looking for reliable sound in a stylish Bluetooth speaker, House of Marley’s latest speakers are a solid option to consider.

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