Sprint to the sofa in Adidas’s laceless running shoes

New Ultraboosts take you from 0 to comfy in less than 10 seconds
28 July 2017 / 14:00BST

There’s an old Peter Kay routine about how running in slippers always make you feel really fast. It turns out there must be some truth in it, because Adidas’s new laceless running shoes look just like the kind of thing you’d slip on for a night in front of the telly, not a 100m sprint. But these Ultraboost Laceless (£150) will be found on the feet of runners at this year’s World Championships, and, unlike your old slippers, their Primeknit construction means they won’t come flying off when you reach terminal velocity. Fortunately, you can still flop onto the sofa in them afterwards and be just as comfy. Pass the biscuits, would you?