Embrace your Dark Side with Lego’s 4784-piece UCS Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

Judge me by my size, do you?
05 September 2019 / 15:45BST

You never forget that iconic opening shot in Star Wars. The Tantive IV zooms into view, followed by a colossal Imperial Star Destroyer that never seems to end. The sheer might of the Empire isn’t easy to convey in brick form, but the 4784-piece Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer (£649.99) is set to have a go. This gargantuan vessel is the longest Lego set ever. At a faintly ridiculous 110cm, it’ll take over pretty much any room; but it’ll look the part while doing so, with its detailed surface, massive exhausts, swivelling guns, tilting radar dish, natty stand, and exclusive Imperial Officer and Imperial Crew Member minifigs. Most importantly, you also get a tiny Tantive IV, so you can recreate that fan-favourite scene – assuming your arms can take the strain.