Numskull’s Switch steering wheel takes your Mario Kart skills to the next level

Race for the prize
25 September 2020 / 12:36BST

Mario Kart isn’t exactly the kind of racing game that requires you to think about serious stuff like car setups, tyre strategies, or braking points – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek every possible advantage when it comes to chasing the chequered flag. Numskull’s Steering Wheel Table Attachment (£14.99) for Nintendo’s Switch offers a realistic housing for your Joy-Con controllers, so you can stick it to a flat surface and use the motion-sensitive steering to make sure you’re nailing those apexes, whether it’s around Spa-Francorchamps on GRID Autosport or Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road. Sure, it’s probably not going to be good enough for Lewis Hamilton, but when did he last have to avoid a banana skin or red shell at one of his races?