Nintendo’s new 2DS XL is a flipping stick-fest of diminutive proportions

Bigger screens, smaller body, more buttons
28 April 2017 / 9:53BST

Nintendo’s first 2DS was an unnecessary door wedge of gaming mediocrity. Mercifully, this new iteration, the 2DS XL (US$149), goes back to the flip-top form so associated with the DS brand - and serves up a fair few tweaks in the process. Its top display measures 4.88 inches diagonally, offering plenty of play space - despite a slimmer shell and a mere 260 gram weight. There’s a new C Stick, too, for precision inputs, alongside a pair of additional trigger buttons and Amiibo support. Oh, and it’ll play nice with existing DS and 3DS games when it launches on 28 July - albeit in 2D.