The HTC Vive Pro McLaren Edition adds speedy style to the VR headset

The ultra-premium VR kit delivers more flash for more cash
23 November 2018 / 21:35GMT

The HTC Vive Pro is the VR headset of choice for high-end enthusiasts, packing in plenty more pixels alongside a dramatically more comfortable build – but it's hardly cheap. Still, if you haven't made the upgrade and you don't mind paying a little extra for a dash of limited-edition style, check out the newly-unveiled HTC Vive Pro McLaren Edition. As the name suggests, it's plastered with the logo of the premium carmaker, along with some sleek orange accents. The bundle comes with all of the trackers and cables you'll need (the "Full Kit"), along with two McLaren VR experiences and six months of the VivePort subscription service. At £1,450, however, it's basically the McLaren of VR hardware. Suitable, then.