GPD WIN3 is the lovechild of a laptop and a Switch, designed for AAA gaming on the go

Third time’s a charm
15 January 2021 / 16:21GMT

Two years ago, the GPD WIN2 crammed a tiny PC into a handheld form factor. Like everything good in gaming, there’s a sequel. The GPD WIN3 (from £586, shipping May 2021) again lets you play AAA titles and a slew of emulators on the go. Only it ditches its predecessor’s clamshell design for something closer to a Nintendo Switch – there’s even an optional stand to plug the thing into, for keeping the thing charged and playing games on your telly. Mostly, though, the GPD WIN3 wants to be in your mitts, with you gawping at the 5.5in 268ppi display and your thumbs grappling with console-quality sticks and buttons. The Intel Core i5 (or i7, if you’re a bit more flush) and Intel Iris Xe graphics ensure compatibility with a slew of modern PC titles. And when your boss/significant other gets on your case, slide up the screen and tap out a quick excuse on the built-in keyboard, before settling down for another ‘quick’ session of Doom Eternal.