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All-electric Polestar 2 takes on Tesla at its own game

But you’ll have to pay a premium if you want to be first to own one

Gone off the idea of owning a Tesla ever since Elon Musk opened his mouth before engaging his brain one too many times? Join the club. Fortunately, the five-door Polestar 2 looks like the perfect alternative to a Model 3. The Polestar 2’s pair of electric motors produces 300kW (408 hp in old money), while its 78kWh battery gives it a range of 500km (about 310 miles) before it’ll need recharging. You don’t need anything as old-fashioned as a key to get in either. It uses your phone and unlocks the doors when it detects that you’re nearby, while sitting in the driver’s seat is enough to turn it on. You can also send a virtual key to a friend’s phone if you want to let them drive your car. The Polestar 2 will be one of the first cars to uses Google’s new infotainment system, with an 11in touchscreen and voice control onboard. For the first 12 months you’ll only be able to buy the top-spec all-wheel-drive version for €59,900, with the first deliveries expected in July 2020, but after a year you’ll be able to pick one up from €39,900.