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Can Razer’s Kishi Ultra controller turn my phone into a Steam Deck rival?

The Kishi Ultra is a mobile controller that works with just about any USB-C mobile device, adding haptics to the games you play

Razer Kishi Ultra

If you’re a keen mobile gamer, you’ve probably shelled out for a top gaming phone or dedicated handheld console. But if you’re more casual, you might have eyed up a mobile controller that turns your existing phone into a handheld console. But they’re often missing one key thing from the controls for the big consoles: haptics. Razer’s new Kishi Ultra controller fixes that, and reckons it can turn your phone into a Steam Deck rival.

Razer’s designed the Kishi Ultra to work with just about any mobile device you could have. Whether you’re rocking the latest iPhone 15, a Galaxy Z Fold 5, or even an 8-inch Android tablet, the Kishi Ultra stretches to fit them all – literally. The sides of the controller extend to house devices of any size. Essentially, it can hook up to any device with USB-C – turning your existing phone into a Steam Deck rival, kitted out with all the bells and whistles. Plus, thanks to its built-in USB-C port, the Kishi Ultra also connects to your PC. So, you’re not just limited to tapping away on tiny screens – you can game on the big stage, too.

The Kishi Ultra is kitted out with Razer’s Sensa HD immersive haptics, a fancy tech that promises to turn any audio into a touchy-feely experience. This isn’t just any haptic feedback; it’s the same cutting-edge vibe tech seen in Razer’s Project Esther gaming chair at CES 2024. Fair warning, though – iOS users might feel a bit left out, as these supercharged haptics are only for the Android 12+ and Windows 11 crowd.

Also, for those who love a bit of colour in their gaming sessions, the Kishi Ultra sports a neat pair of Chroma RGB lights right beneath the joysticks. The Razer Nexus app is your golden ticket to making the most of this controller on both iOS and Android. This handy comapnion app not only launches your games but also hooks you up with Apple Arcade, Xbox Game Pass, and the Google Play Store.

And for those keeping an eye on the purse strings, Razer hasn’t forgotten about you. The brand also spruced up the more afforable Kishi V2. It now features a USB-C port as well, but at a more wallet-friendly price.

Both the Razer Kishi Ultra and Kishi V2 USB-C are on the shelves as we speak, ready to order directly from the brand. They’ll set you back $150/£150 and $100/£100, respectively.

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