Fujifilm’s X-Pro3 looks like a classic rangefinder camera and demands you to use it like one

Street cred
23 October 2019 / 12:04BST

Fujifilm’s latest 26MP mirrorless camera is more than just a nod to the history of photography, it actively imitates an analogue rangefinder style, but dig a little deeper and it has all the power and some of the convenience of a digital camera. Inheriting the X-trans processor from the brilliant X-T3, featuring an upgraded hybrid viewfinder, new titanium coating (on the Dura Black and Dura Silver versions) so it’ll be scratch-resistant, it's also capable of in-camera HDR, low light photography sees an improvement too, down to EV-6. There’s a few more film simulations, including “Classic Neg” which emulates Superia film, which again, harks back to yesteryear. The ‘hidden’ screen will only flip 180 degrees down, which is handy for shooting from the hip and is there if you can't resist the urge to check what you’ve just shot. And when that’s closed, there’s a secondary square LCD on the back which displays an image of a film canister carton. The button layouts are incredibly similar to the X-T3 and X-T30 and top plate is still home to ISO and shutter speed dial, there’s two SD card slots and a USB-C port and microphone port. Shoot video up to 4K and 30fps, but that’s not its primary use. The X-Pro3 (£1,699) is for street and documentary photography and for those purists who want the experience of shooting with film, with all the flexibility of digital, plus a solid luxury Leica-esque item.