Sleep like a log every night with Bose’s new noise-masking sleep buds

There's a nap for that
21 June 2018 / 17:02BST

The noise cancelling tech in Bose headphones is recognised as some of the very best out there, but with its latest product the electronics giant is focusing on blocking out unwanted racket when it matters most: during sleepy time. Bose knows it can’t do anything to stop you bathing your eyes in the blue light of Mario Tennis Aces until the early hours, but when you do finally shut them, it hopes you’ll pop in a pair of these tiny sleepbuds. Rather than blocking out noise completely, they replace the sounds of house parties, traffic and snoring with soothing ones designed to send you to your fluffy land of nod. With the Bose Sleep app you can customise your buds, choosing between various sounds, adjusting the volume and even setting an alarm that only you hear. After a smash hit Indiegogo campaign, the buds are about to launch in the US for the admittedly high asking price of $250. A UK rollout is expected in the autumn.