Nura made a gaming microphone for its magic headphones

Hear more than ever, and then brag about your kill count
07 October 2020 / 14:11BST

We’re big fans of Nuraphone, the over-ear headphones that tune their audio output according to the unique hearing profile of their wearer, and thanks to a new accessory, they’re now essentially fully-featured wired gaming cans too. The Nuraphone Gaming Microphone is exactly what it sounds like; a microphone you plug into the headphones and then your choice of gaming hardware, with PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and mobile devices with a 3.5mm jack all supported. A combination of dual isolation and ANC prevents sound leakage while blocking external racket, so you can focus on lining up headshots and then over-celebrating them down the mic. There’s an inline remote for volume control and muting, and you can take incoming calls on the microphone. But the main reason for buying this add-on is utilising Nuraphone’s ingenious personalised sound, which should give you a competitive advantage in-game. You can either buy the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone on its own for £50, or as a bundle with the Nuraphone for £360.