LG’s Tone Free earphones have a self-cleaning case

So fresh, so clean
10 January 2020 / 16:30GMT

Considering how much time they spend stuck inside your lugs, only the truly germaphobic spend much time worrying about how clean their in-ear headphones are. Buy a pair of LG’s Tone Free HBS-FL7 (US$200) true wireless earphones, though, and the charging case will take care of that for you. It comes with a UV light inside, so when the buds are inside having their batteries replenished, it goes to work on killing any bacteria living on the tips. High-end audio bods Meridian have tuned them, so sound quality should be suitably clean too, plus they’re sweatproof and IPX4 water resistant, so you can give them a rinse if you don’t believe that UV light is doing a good enough job.