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LG’s HBS-FN6 earbuds come in a self-cleaning case

So fresh, so clean

If there’s one thing lockdown has ensured we’re all good at it’s washing our hands. And singing happy birthday slightly faster than it should be. OK, that’s two things. But does your new hygiene regime extend to your tech? When was the last time you gave your headphones a good scrub? Pick up a pair of LG’s new Tone Free HBS-FN6 true wireless in-ears (£150) and they’ll do part of the job for you. As well as holding three six-hour charges, the case uses UV light to kill bacteria on the buds, which LG reckons can cause ear infections. With Meridian’s audio chops helping out on the sonic side they should sound pretty clean too, plus there’s IPX4 water resistance and support for voice control via Siri and Google Assistant. Tidy.