JBL’s Flip 6 gives an audio upgrade to everyone’s favourite Bluetooth speaker

Flip it and refresh it
02 September 2021 / 13:30BST

Can a Bluetooth speaker be iconic? There are only so many ways to make a cylindrical sound box – but when it comes to portable audio, JBL’s Flip series is a legend of the genre. Continuing that lineage is the new Flip 6 (£130). And like the best sequels, it doesn’t reinvent a proven formula. Its rugged design takes clear styling cues from every Flip before it, with chunky rubberised ends, a fabric wrap (with a wardrobe of colour options) and that rugged JBL build quality. Inside is where the major changes reside: a racetrack-shaped woofer and separate tweeter promise punchy sound via a pair of passive radiators. So you should get plenty of party-starting bass, plus detailed mids and highs. Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity means more efficient streaming, while PartyBoost allows you to link up with other JBL speakers. Add IP67 waterproofing and a 12-hour battery life into the mix and the Flip 6 looks like another star in the making.