Campfire Audio’s Ara earbuds flex some formidable sonic muscle

Lucky seven
14 May 2020 / 13:03BST

If you’re in the select camp of people who need seven balanced armature drivers inside one tiny earbud with dual high, single mid and quad low drivers, housed inside an acoustic design chamber, then Campfire Audio really saw your coming. Its Ara earbuds are the brand's most ambitious release to date, and any audiophile will tell you the quest for listening nirvana is enduring, and really, really expensive. The Ara buds are built from titanium, so should be lightweight, and at £1299 having one flung across the street during rush hour would be nothing short of disastrous. Campfire has also refreshed its existing range with its Andromedas benefitting from a new acoustic chamber, and the Solaris now 20% smaller with an all-black finish.