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Campfire Audio’s debut true wireless earbuds offer the brand’s sound quality for less

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Campfire Audio wireless buds in front of green background

Campfire Audio is a big player in the premium audio space, offering some rather ambitious and high-quality gear. But the brand has released its first pair of truly wireless earbuds, dubbed Orbit. These buds are set to bring the brand’s reputation for sound to consumers in a more affordable (and more convenient) package.

The brand promises a pair of truly wireless earbuds that are “like no other”. It’s a bold claim, for sure, but the Orbits look impressive nonetheless. Campfire Audio has opted for a two-tone colour on the buds, which feature a geometric design. There’s a stainless steel sound nozzle topped with rubber ear tips for added comfort in the ear.

Sound wise, the Orbits look set to deliver. Inside, you’ll find 10mm drivers equipped with an LCP diaphragm. This combination should deliver dynamic depth and power, with engaging clarity and space. They’ll deliver a frequency between 5Hz–20 kHz, and are promise balance across lows, mids, and highs. The buds support Bluetooth 5.2, alongside the AAC and aptX Adaptive codecs.

A close-up of Campfire Audio's new Orbit wireless earbuds

After setting up the buds, you’ll find a host of features you’d expect. They boast touch controls for quick response, and you’ll find a fairly advanced EQ in Campfire Audio’s companion app. You’re set to get 8.5 hours of battery life from the buds, with a further 30 hours from the case. The Orbits charge via USB-C or wirelessly, and come with a bunch of ear tips in the box. You’ll no doubt have noticed a big exclusion from the feature set – noise cancellation. Campfire Audio opted to exclude this feature, to focus on audio quality instead. It does put the buds at a disadvantage compared to alternatives such as AirPods Pro (2nd generation).

If Campfire Audio‘s debut buds catch your ear, you can nab a set of the earbuds directly from the brand. They’ll set you back $250, which is just over £200. While we’re yet to stick a pair of these in our ears (for review purposes, of course), the Orbit buds promise to pack some serious sound. Just don’t get them too close to any campfires.

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