Cambridge Audio adds a Touch of class to its Melomania in-ears

Hands on
01 December 2020 / 12:38GMT

Finding your perfect pair of true wireless in-ears isn’t easy when there are so many great pairs out there – and Cambridge Audio just made the decision that little bit harder. These redesigned successors to the excellent Melomania 1 buds add neat touch-sensitive controls, extend the battery life to 50 hours, and now come with an app for tweaking their sonic profile, finding them if they go walkabout, or activating the new Transparency mode, which uses two onboard microphone to stops you disappearing into your own little world. The 7mm drivers inside make use of High Performance Audio Mode, which uses the same method of amplification as the company’s hi-fi amps, so you get a greater soundstage, lower noise and higher dynamic range than before. Pick a pair up for £129.95 when they go on sale on 1 January.