AirPodPal is a an AirPods case combined with a power bank and a chunky metal belt clip

You’ll get a bit attached
18 January 2019 / 16:24GMT

There you are, living in the future with your AirPods – until they run out of juice and you have to plug their case into a charger like a caveman. Third-party wireless cases get around that shortcoming, but AirPodPal (CA$39 – about £23) wants to do more. Most obviously, it has a massive metal clip on its rear, so you can attach the AirPodPal to your person, rather than losing it at the bottom of a bag. But the large form factor doesn’t just make AirPodPal easier to find – it’s also a 1200mAh power bank, which can fully charge your AirPods twice – or give your iPhone a boost if it’s gasping for breath and you’re only halfway through listening to your new Phil Collins album.