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Asics’ Gel Nimbus 26 runners promise smoother pavement plodding

An improved fit and better grip hope to help you run even smoother.

Asics Gel Nimbus 26 featured

If you’re a regular pavement pounder, you likely look for two things when searching for a new pair of shoes to lace up: grip and fit. Asics’ latest iteration of their flagship runners promise to improve on both for smoother running. The Gel Nimbus 26 runners come armed to the teeth with upgrades that make it not just a shoe, but a veritable chariot for your feet.

Thanks to Asics‘ new Hybrid Asicsgrip technology, it feels like these runners have Spider-Man‘s webbing for your feet. The Gel Nimbus 26 provide the stickiness you need on those wet and wild runs. On the outsole, you’ll find Aharplus rubber, which promises better traction, improved softness (because who doesn’t like a bit of softness underfoot?), and durability that’d make a Nokia phone jealous.

Now, Asics isn’t just throwing fancy names for rubber around. They’ve given the midfoot fit a proper facelift, with an engineered knit upper and tweaked eyelet construction. The result? A midfoot hold that’s softer, yet grips like a loving grandmother’s hug. The breathable knit material also means your feet won’t feel like they’re in a sauna while you’re chasing that new PB.

And for that extra smoothness? The Gel Nimbus 26 runners come with FF Blast Plus Eco cushioning. Made with 24% bio-based content, it’s like bouncing on clouds with a clear conscience. And at the rearfoot, there’s also PureGel technology. It’s 65% softer than conventional Gel tech, which means landing softer than a cat on a pillow.

Fancy an upgrade for your kicks in time for a running New Year’s resolution? Asics’ Gel Nimbus 26 runners will hit the shelves on January 15, 2024. You’ll be able to order them directly from the brand, in-store, and from specialist running outlets. These trainers will set you back £180.

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