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5201-piece Lego Marvel Avengers Tower scales new heights

Earth's mightiest heroes have a new home in minifig scale

Lego Marvel Avengers Tower Hot Stuff

It’s not often a new Lego set is so substantial you’ll need a stepladder to built it, but the Lego Marvel Avengers Tower has somehow pulled it off. Fully assembled, this colossal 5201-piece monument to Earth’s Mightiest Super Heroes reaches 90cm/35.5in into the sky.

Released to mark 60 years since the Avengers assembled for the first time in print, the Lego Marvel Avengers Tower ($500/£430/€500 from the official Lego web store) is easily the biggest entry in the Lego Marvel collection – no stranger to huge, expensive sets – yet. It comfortably bests the 3772-piece Daily Bugle by a considerable margin, with multiple floors of minifig-scale action.

The whole front face pulls away to reveal the building interior, and the landing pad on the roof has room to stow an aircraft. There’s enough space inside that even the Incredible Hulk could stretch his legs.

You get a whopping 31 Lego figures in the box (the most of any single set Lego has produced to date), including all the main characters from the Infinity Saga movies. The Quinjet provides aerial defence against a Leviathan and two Chitauri flyers, and there’s even a figure of Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige thrown in for good measure.

Lego Marvel Avengers Tower box

It joins the Sanctum Santorum and Daily Bugle as the third major Marvel building to be immortalised in brick form, and is comfortably the most expensive to date. Expect to lose more than a few hours putting all those pieces together.

The Lego Marvel Avengers Tower goes on sale in Lego Stores and directly from the Lego website on the 24th of November, for $500/£430/€500. Lego Insider members that get an order in between the 24th and 27th can also get a free Black Panther-inspired Lego Marvel Taxi set to add to their collection.

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