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Upgrade Yourself: a Stuff Fitness Special

Replace fatness with fitness the Stuff way: a whole bunch of gadgets and tech solutions

Still carrying around those extra Christmas lbs? It’s never too late to get a little bit (or a lot) fitter and healthier, and in 2016 there are more gadgets and techie solutions to help you get there than ever before.

Whether you’re looking to track your calories in or steps out, take up running for the first time, or train for a marathon, triathlon or epic cycle, we’ve found the apps, services and gadgets that can help.

Below you’ll find links to the many, many fitness features and reviews that we’ve put together to help you Upgrade Yourself.

You 2.0 is just a few clicks (and a fair amount of sweat) away…

How to…

How to...

Supercharge your tracking

Exercise is gruelling enough without doing maths at the same time, so let tech count your reps, heartbeats and more

Connect your clothes

Smartwatches and fitness bands are great, but tomorrow’s fit-tech will be woven into the fabric of your workout gear

Be your own digital doctor

Stay away from the scalpel but be sure to keep these health-monitoring gadgets close to hand

Create a distraction

Exercise is much easier if you can take your mind off it, so raise your morale with one of these tech diversions

The best reviews of the best fitness tech

The best reviews of the best fitness tech

The best fitness watches

Whether it’s casual tracking or hardcore metrics you’re after, we’ve got the training timepiece for you

Stuff Picks fitness gadgets

How are the Stuff staff fighting the flab? With these super-smart fitness gadgets

Mini Meme: the 6 best health and fitness apps

We’ve been pounding streets, pumping iron and avoiding doughnuts with some help from these six apps

The best smart scales

Forget the simple weighing devices of yore – these connected scales will serve up more health data than BUPA

The best cheap fitness trackers

Evaluate your every move…for less

The best sports headphones

Supercharge your sweating session with sports headphones that’ll stay in your ears, soundtrack your workout and even motivate you

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