Best cheap fitness trackers 2016 - reviewed

The Misfit Ray throws down the style gauntlet to our favourite budget fitness wearables

If you go for a run and you forget to track it, did you ever actually run?

OK, sure, Neanderthals didn’t need little clip-on critters to track their every step, snooze and snack but, well, we’re better than them. In a world where decent pedometer pals can be picked up for less than £60 there’s really no excuse not to strap one on and get pounding the pavement.

That is, of course, provided you select the right smarts for your stride. Like a cash-strapped model at a glamour convention, the current crop of clip-ons is replete with cheap silicone as garish as your Grandma’s clogs. Thankfully, we’ve sifted through the low-end layabouts to select the best budget offerings of the activity tracking troupe.

Best cheap fitness trackers - Verdict

Choosing the top tracker in this titanic fitness face-off is tricky. The cheapest of the crop see counting steps as their lifelong goal, with all other functionality superfluous to that singular objective; as you go up the budget ladder, progress reports become motivation become bona-fide workout wrist-wrappers.

Of the clip-on measurers, the Shine is the superior being. In a shell sleeker than a finely-crafted steel spoon it packs plenty of the passive tracking smarts you’d expect from a well-priced wearable, and then some.

But if you’re looking for a true fitness friend in your value tracker, there’s nowhere else to look than the Moov Now. Forget day-to-day distances: this is an always-there trainer to get you working out and burning off, in a package you can pick up with enough change from a ton to pick up some dumbbells for fine-toning.

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